Celebrating 100 years of Prima Donna

Van de Velde is the parent company of iconic brands Prima Donna and Marie Jo. The world famous lingerie family has been designing esquisite lingerie for over a century.

They are famous for producing the best quality bras in the world with the strongest uplift and ultimate comfort fit.

We are extremely proud to be one of the biggest stockists in the UK.

Let’s Celebrate…

Prima Donna Deauville is one of our bestselling bras and our customers just love the exceptional lift and support it gives them.

Deauville ‘Celebration’ (pictured) is a special limited edition bra with statement embroidery and chic glossy accents. A stunning addition to celebrate 100 years of being an all-time favourite of millions of women worldwide.

Shop Deauville Celebration here.

“If you have a larger cup size, Deauville really is the perfect bra for every day. Running to catch your bus, chasing after your kids, making a confident impression during a meeting, or feeling alluring on a date: You can count on Deauville to give you the best support and a comfortable feeling, anytime and anywhere.” 

– Kelly Dunmore, Training Manager at the Van de Velde Academy

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