International Women’s Day

Celebrate with us – 8th March 2020


An equal world is an enabled world where we can be healthier and more harmonious. On Sunday 8th March we celebrate women in the workplace for International Women’s Day.

Bella di Notte is a business built up from scratch and run by women with the aim to make other women look and feel better about themselves.

When Susan Johnson started her business she hoped to offer women in rural communities more variety, opportunity and flexible working hours. We are now lucky enough have so many talented women, from all types of backgrounds, working at Bella di Notte.

Today we celebrate what it means to be a woman in the workplace.

Please meet some of the inspirational women we work with…


What does work mean to you?

We asked our team what it means to be a woman in the workplace.

“Although in an ideal world I would be a kept woman, I find work empowering and I’ve made so many lifelong friends.”

Tracey – Warehouse Assistant

“I started as an apprentice, learning about all the different departments and after passing with a distinction I now work in the web team.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity as where I live there are not many businesses in the fashion industry. I now have a clear career path and absolutely love the women I work with.”

Madi – Website Assistant

“I really love getting to know our customers and trying to find them exactly what they are looking for. I’ve been striving to become a manager within the fashion industry for the last few years and I’m thrilled to have now achieved this.”

Beth – Shop Manager

“I am the sole provider for my family while my husband stays home to look after our four children. I’m a role model for them and I love that opportunities for men and women are now equal in today’s society.”

Julie – Warehouse Manager

“My work has given me confidence and made me who I am today. The best thing about work is getting treats from my colleagues.”

Hannah – Customer Care Agent

“Offering our customers a quality service with North Yorkshire friendliness is what I love about my job. Also fitting a customer with a new bra can be incredibly rewarding – especially seeing the end result and how thrilled they are with the difference it makes to their appearance and confidence.”

Tracey – Customer Care Agent

“I get immense satisfaction out of achieving my goals and creating new products that people love. Working flexible hours is essential to me. I adore being a mum, but I also love working and one without the other wouldn’t feel right somehow.”

Natalie – Fashion Buyer

“We work together as a team to motivate each other and make each other lots of tea! I have two young boys and so it really helps when your boss is flexible and understanding. “

Amy – Customer Care Agent

“It’s great helping customers get the items they are looking for. Sometimes they have a little chat, which is nice, and it’s fulfilling to know we are making them happy.”

Sam – Customer Care Manager

“Thank you to all the team and our lovely customers for making work so incredibly enjoyable and worthwhile.”

susan johnson
bella di notte founder

I was raised to be a strong and determined Yorkshire lass, as are all the women in my family. They all get involved with the business… even my 80 year old mother gets stuck in when needed!

The women around us constantly inspire our work and products. We love to make women look and feel confident. Thank you to all the supportive women in our lives for letting us enjoy the work we do.

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