Sending you a Smile

Sending you a Smile

With love from the Bella team (and helpers) working from home


The Bella team have been practicing social distancing for nearly two weeks now and as you can see below they have fully acclimatised to working from home. We hope this snapshot into their daily lives makes you smile…

“May the force be with you all”
Baby Yoda knitted by Julie (Warehouse Manager)
Hannah (Customer Care Operative) has a little helper while she chats to customers.
Julie’s kids are also creative – this is the rainbow on display in their window to show their neighbours they care.
Izzy’s (aged 9) letter of thanks.
Jessie’s artwork age 10.
Poppy’s acrostic poems aged 5.
Julie’s kids have also been busy bees planting flowers and cacti in the garden.
Amy’s (Customer Care Operative) son Harley in training.
Tracey has her box of biscuits to help her through the day.
Rachael (Buying Manager) and her daily exercise ‘Chelsea’ the horse.
Customer Care Manager Sam discovered her son made a man cave in the garden.
Natalie (Buyer) is home schooling CEO’s in the making!
Susan Johnson (Founder) sent flowers to the team as a thank you for all their hard work.

“Thank you to all our lovely Bella customers. Our customer service team, like you, are in isolation at home and so if you would just like a friendly chat, or need some help online, then please give them a call. Whatever you need, we are here for you.”

Call us 01439 770040

susan johnson
bella di notte founder